SQL for Software Testers

Course Overview

  • This course aims to equip the individual with all the necessary skills and knowledge to apply SQL where needed in a testing context.
  • Whilst the theory is thoroughly explained, much of the time is spent on practical examples and the two are consolidated during a test project simulation.
  • The individual who can test the system via the Graphic User Interface (GUI) plus do back end testing is adding even more value to the project.

Course Objectives

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Define MySQL
  • Understand the purpose of SQL in Software Testing
  • Theory, Terminology and concepts
  • Data definitions using MySQL
  • Learn about different databases, data types, tables, constraints and indexes
  • Apply basic MySQL Commands such as:
    • Logical operators, view, add, modify and replace
    • Searching for data using like statements
  • The 3 types of Joins namely: Cross join, Inner join and outer joins
  • Importing and exporting data

Who Should Attend

  • Test Analyst (Basic Level)
  • Technical Test Analyst


  • Basic understanding or databases
  • Fundamentals of Testing training

Duration: 1 day