Rubric: Customer feedback and review of our services 

Rubric is a company that has established itself as the global leader when it comes to software testing and development. As the authority in the field of software development, we pride ourselves on nothing but the best processes, products and people. 

In the Rubric ecosystem, we seek to build an advanced solution to help you achieve better results for your company. Our experts right here at Rubric extend their technological capabilities by establishing a powerful ecosystem of carefully selected partners and employees. 

The extent of our services depends on what you need to accomplish your business goal. Our company combines our expertise in software development with innovative solutions to meet your demand and needs. 

By partnering with Rubric, you give yourself access to a rich portfolio of the best market-leading solutions. Additionally, you extend your ability to build a more complex digital product with more tech capabilities with the help of our expert engineers. Lastly, you would have a faster time to market thanks to our ready to use solutions that we tailor based on your market needs. 

For a better understanding of our services, we recommend checking out the feedback that our previous customers have about us! See if you will have the same opinion as them in your partnership with us. 


Want to know what people have to say about our company and our services? Here’s a list of feedback that we have from our customers: 

  • I was never a tech-savvy person so it made me nervous to even contact Rubric since my lack of knowledge when it comes to technology might burden them greatly. However, the engineers and staff of Rubric are really helpful in guiding me and making me realise what I want for my project. 
  • I truly appreciate the enthusiasm of everyone who joined this software application project. I think it was a success for me and my company. 
  • It was hard for me to decide on which company to partner with this project. There are some that charge a bit too much and go over our company budget, but then I found Rubric. The price was truly within reason and the quality of the application that they modelled was superb. I couldn’t have asked for more!
  • I am an engineer myself so I am familiar with the process of software development. However, I need help in creating a major project so I contacted Rubric. I was so glad about how the engineers handled things. They allowed me to participate in the process, unlike other companies that I’ve partnered with before. This allowed me to tailor my app based on what my company needs. The employees are also easy to talk to. 

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