Rubric: Different ways to improve your software quality

Managing the software quality of your applications is vital to your project management since efficient software quality will allow you to have a cost-effective and superior performance in delivering your projects. By finding ways to improve your software testing strategies, you can help detect and solve problems before it even affects your application. Solving the problems in the early stage of your project management is a definite win for your company! 

Improve your software application today and take our complete approach in effective software development below: 

Test early and test often using automation 

Testing using automation is absolutely necessary when it comes to improving your software quality. By testing early, you will ensure that the problems you detected won’t snowball into a larger and more devastating issue. The bigger the detected issue, the more expensive it is to deal with it that’s why it would be best to involve your testers as early in the management process as possible.  

Hiring software consultancy companies like Rubric would ensure that you would adopt the right automated testing tools for your project. To detect early problems with the software, we recommend starting a non UI test. 

You can then increase your coverage using UI based tests once the product stabilises. For companies that use Webservice and APIs, we highly advice automating the tests to ensure that all of the business rules and logic applied in the software are tested. 

Software testing can be difficult to do if you are not experienced, that is why working with a software developer is important in ensuring that your development team would be introduced to the right automated testers. 

Implement quality controls from the start of the project 

The quality of a software app should be observed from the beginning up to the end of the project to help detect issues before it creates a bigger problem for the program. Rubric can help you monitor the quality control of your software and create awareness in your partnership with developers to ensure that every demand is met on the project. 

Having a good relationship between the developers and software testers can help the project develop effectively. By applying the systematic methodology in the quality control of your software can ensure that coding the bugs and errors of your app follows a structured process.   

Repeat the importance of quality assurance through the entire software development process 

Aside from testing, another important aspect of the software development process is quality assurance. This process is a governance that is provided by the management team of the project. What this does is that it instils confidence in the overall software quality of your application. The quality testing validates and oversees whether the delivered outcomes are functioning as expected. The testing will then be applied again after the application of each software development element.

Think of it as making a cake. Whenever you layer a cake, you should test whether it is stable enough to stand. 

Encourage innovations 

It is important for you to implement testing structures in quality measures in the development of your application, however, you should never forget to leave enough room for innovation in your process. One of the best ways to leave space for innovation is by automating the testing process, which will then minimise the time you spend on controls.

What makes innovations important in the software development process is that they can lead to improvements in the quality and capability of your software, which will then transform how your project is delivered. The research and development of new processes should be encouraged in the company. After all, it’s nice to leave the safe zone once in a while and discover new and more effective methods. 

You should try to empower your team to investigate, explore and experiment on new methods, testing and more to improve the process. To encourage your employees to seek continuous improvement and innovation, you should reward their efforts whenever it turns out to be fruitful for the company. Get the competitive advantage you are looking for in your project and transcend your software quality to a whole new level. 

Communication is key 

Every successful relationship, whether it is business or personal matters, require good communication. It is important for all parties involved in a software quality assurance team to have a fluid communication channel where all information relies on every member. 

Some of the forms of fluid communication in a software quality process is having a clear and consistent KPI where the quality of the software is measured after every step of the process. It is important for every member of the team to have access to the KPI to ensure that everyone is on the same page. 

Another form of effective communication is giving every member of the team an opportunity to provide feedback on the software quality assurance process just so all the expectations on the process are met. 

Keep your codebase clean, well-tested and extensible 

There are two key elements in a software system and these are the software development team and codebase. The development team is involved in frequently updating the source code with new refactored codes, features and bug fixes. To ensure that you can trace back on the problems and provide the necessary solution to a software defect, you need to ensure that the codes you changed are well-tested, clean and maintainable since it can affect the quality of the final software product. 

By managing a clean code on your software system, you reduce the possibility of hidden bugs. Meanwhile, the extensibility of your software refers to your team’s ability to extend the system for future requirements and demands. If you neglect this part of the process, you will experience difficulty in solving the future technical limitations of your software. This will result in your system boat wearing with multiple copies of the same implementation.  

Make sure to write an optimised code

The modern hardware nowadays has a fast enough speed to execute a naive algorithm implementation which serves in place of the optimised algorithm. Every detail in your algorithm code is important since the application works depending on your input as a user. By using naive algorithm implementations on hardware, you take the risk of having hidden performance issues in your software application. 

By writing the optimised code of your algorithm, you ensure a smooth software system efficiency that factors in with the safe state of your application. You don’t necessarily have to predict the final assembly instruction of all your source files, but it would be beneficial for you to use the correct data type for better efficiency.

Maintain consistency in every software component 

All software systems are made of modules or logical components. The logically isolated but somewhat connected components form the building blocks of your software system. You need to maintain consistency on these components to ensure that your software project has good quality. 

If the components in your software don’t maintain the same behaviour, it will pose a problem by reducing the usability of the application that you are creating. Imagine this, you are building a mobile application for inventory management. Inside the application, you will find various data tables. You cannot just apply a different data table every time a new screen appears since it will only make the data disorganized. Moreover, the users will demand the table that they have already familiarized themselves with using.    

Improving the software quality of your application is important since the world of applications evolve fast. Without any improvements, you will be left behind by the fast-paced industry of software applications. Moreover, as users utilize the application, they will discover ways that would improve their experience. It is your job to find these improvements to encourage users to remain on the application you developed. 

Here at Rubric, we can help you make the best out of your software and create improvements and assessments that would lead to a higher quality program and system. For the best software quality, please refer to the services that we can offer below: 

  • IT and QA testing assessment – We can evaluate your quality assurance and software testing resources 
  • Specialist technical consulting – We have technical specialists that deliver peace of mind to your test automation, security, mobile and application performance
  • Managed testing service – We can implement comprehensive testing one project at a time
  • Authorised software support – We have an expert, a responsive software support system to ensure your success
  • Quality assurance and test process consulting – We can meet your demand for better quality software 
  • Staff augmentation – We have on-demand staffing to meet your project deadlines
  • Mauritius based outsourcing – We have real-world experienced engineers that are dedicated to the project 
  • Research development – We keep abreast of the fast-moving world. 

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