Rubric: Software services that we offer! 

Looking for ways to improve your software applications and bring the highest quality of service to your clients? Worry no more! We have the perfect solution for you. 

Our highly trained software engineers can bring you a tailored solution that would fit the needs of your company. Come and explore what Rubric can offer and see which among our services can you use for the betterment of your company!

IT QA and testing assessments

Have you ever asked yourself where your company is placed when it comes to the maturity curve of your QA and software testing competence? If you are planning to implement test automation in your company, then Rubric has the perfect quality assessment service for you! 

Our IT QA and testing assessment service can help you determine the current maturity of your software competence. In addition to this, we can give you recommendations that would incrementally improve the technical competence as well as processes, practices and environments of your software. We implement our test using automated and manual testing of your quality assurance to ensure that the data is accurate. 

QA process assessment: Our roadmap to professional assessment 

Here at Rubric, we have highly competent and talented senior engineers that have the experience and skill to evaluate your company’s quality assurance team and environment. Part of how we access and evaluate your company’s quality is by utilising an individual software testing skill as well as QA. Through our tests, we highlight the efficiency of your company’s software tools and testing environment. 

As part of our service, our company will also provide a gap analysis to help evaluate the effectiveness of your process as well as the competence of your company’s staff and infrastructure. Our QA process assessment service can cover a wide area including the traceability and effectiveness of your software services, manual test cases, test planning and test case coverage, assessment execution, defect management and more. 

Test automation assessment 

Our company is an industry expert in quality assessment of software applications. Through our service, we test the functionality, application security and performance of your automation. The engineers that we have in our company are regarded as some of the best in the industry. That’s how you know you can trust our services! 

Allows us to assess your testing environments to help you figure out what you need to improve in your company in regards to tool configuration and software processes. The manual test cases that we have in the Rubric will help you analyse and identify the problems that are, when automated, would bring your software applications the greatest return of investment. 

Specialist technical consulting 

Here at Rubric, we have technical engineers who specialize in test Automation, security testing and software performance. These specializations would help you ensure that you would have the most effective plans and strategies prepared for your company. 

Our professionals can expertly execute the test using the respective toolset that would maximise your return on investment. Our service will provide you with peace of mind knowing that your applications are working as it is intended to. 

Test automation 

Test automation is one of the silver bullets of testing when it comes to software quality assurance. This kind of test doesn’t need to use special skills or specific preparations. It only requires simple data recording and playback to test everything that you need to know about your software. By using this, you can save on the number of testing resources that are required to gather accurate manual testing data on your app. 

Test automation is one of the most highly specialised fields of software testing and only individuals with specific skill sets can provide the most accurate data for these tests. Here at Rubric, we can create the right automation products, test automation strategies and appropriate frameworks that you can implement for the quality assurance of your software application services. 

The individuals we have here at Rubric are experts in test automation, be it service or GUI based, we can assist your organisation in implementing a test automation strategy that would yield the best results for your company. 

Mobile app testing 

The mobile app industry is booming in the market and that is good for your business if you are using a software app to connect with your target consumers but with multiple operating systems and millions of devices in the market, it can be difficult to ensure that your app would perform as you intend it to and delight your users anywhere they are. With the help of Rubric, creating winning mobile apps is possible!

The mobile test engineers that we have right here at Rubric can help you determine the most practical and efficient mobile testing strategies to improve the quality of your products and services. 

Performance assurance 

If your company is using software applications, you need to ask yourself whether it is delivering the performance and response expected by your target audience as well as whether it would scale to accommodate your growing business. 

The load testing service we have right here at Rubric can bring you the confidence that you need in your application. Our company utilizes leading performance testing technologies such as Neoload and LoadRunner. 

The expert engineers that we have in our company can craft loads of different test scripts to help meet the specific requirements of your transaction. Moreover, our engineers can execute the scripts against your application’s infrastructure to ensure that your software application would have a flexible and expansive scaling. Once the testing is complete, our team of experts can analyse the data and tailor solutions based on your needs to help you find the performance bottlenecks and provide you with actionable insights. 

Security testing 

Your application security is one of the things you need to ensure before you launch your software. You need to prioritise the security of your consumer’s information and data. Here at Rubric, we have security experts that can dig deep into the issue of your application to uncover the issues that would have ruined your reputation, money and time.

Agile testing 

Moving your software applications from traditional waterfall development to an Agile methodology can be a complicated process. However, it can dramatically improve the development outcome of your application when you can transition correctly. What Agile methodology needs is a continuous collaboration between customers, developers, managers and testers. This is something that you cannot observe in waterfall development. 

Agile testing focuses on doing what is necessary at a given moment to satisfy the demands of a customer. Everyone in an Agile company is expected to work closely together to help bring a unified front for the company. 

Rubric is a company that understands the change required for Agile companies and the importance of change in the management of a team’s quality assurance. Allow us to assist you and your company in your transition! 

Staff augmentation 

Here at Rubric, we can provide you with both long term and short term services to assist you with your company’s needs. We are sure that with the competitive market that we have today, your company is dealing with mission-critical projects with aggressive target dates, limited resources and decreasing budget. 

The augmentation capabilities of our staff here at Rubrics can help you form qualified resources with knowledge, skill level and experience. In addition to these, our services come at a competitive market price!

Managed testing services 

Our expertise can help you meet the demands placed on your company’s IT sector while also allowing you to save less. Feel at peace knowing that your software applications are meeting the requirements of your business. The prestigious project offering that we have on our on-point project-based testing services is an efficient way to approach the next IT implementation in your company.

Book our services now and combine the best breed of HP software solutions with our software expertise in increasing your application testing efficiency. 

Mauritius based outsourcing 

Rubric operates our outsourcing software testing facilities in Mauritius, Port Louis. The facilities that we have in our testing sites are all equipped to handle a wide range of technical demands. Additionally, we have the facilities to accommodate your needs when it comes to QA testing. 

It’s time for you to increase the efficiency of your software applications in all areas including QA methodologies, testing activities and re-engineering processes. Allow our team of qualified resource experts to share their knowledge, skill and experience with you to reduce the risk and cost needed for effective software. 

Partner with a company that prioritizes your growth and work with us in ensuring that your software applications are providing the intended service to your audience. Visit us at Rubric and we will show you what else we can offer in our company as well as bring you to a deeper understanding of our services.