Those Rubric’s technical engineers who specialise in Test Automation, Performance and Security Testing, ensure that effective strategies and plans are prepared for you. They are experts in the execution of these plans and in the respective toolsets to ensure you maximise the investment made. They provide peace of mind that your applications work as intended with the expected performance and are secure.

Test Automation

Test automation is often thought of as the “silver-bullet” of testing. It takes no special skills, no specific preparation and through simple record and playback everything gets tested. An organisation can save on the number of testing resources required to do manual testing.

Nothing can be further from the truth. Test Automation is a highly specialised field of software testing. The development of a test automation strategy, the right automation products, the appropriate framework, test lab and test environment and then implementation of the defined strategy requires significant skill and experience.

Rubric are experts in automation, be it GUI based or service, component based. Rubric can assist your organisation implement a test automation strategy that delivers results.

Mobile App Testing

Mobile is booming, and that’s a good thing! But with multiple operating systems and tens of thousands of devices on the market, how can you ensure your app delights your users everywhere, every time, at every turn? Rubric makes it easier than ever to create winning mobile apps every time.

Lab environments are places of perfect connectivity, limited devices and up-to-date operating systems. Sadly, that’s not the world your app is going to encounter outside the walls of your test lab.

Where does your mobile testing initiative start?

  • On a Range of Devices: The number of mobile devices grows every day, bringing with it a range of screen sizes, resolutions, processing power, etc. You’d need a warehouse to store all these devices.
  • On Real Devices: Emulators and simulators simply don’t cut it. Fingers on touchscreens are very much different to mouse clicks and real devices aren’t clean, well-maintained systems. But to house all the devices you would need for testing, you’d need unlimited space and an astronomical budget.
  • On-Location: Connectivity changes with network and location, but you can’t mimic those fluctuating conditions in a lab.
  • Outdated Software: Not everyone regularly updates their operating system. Some Android users might not even have access to the newest version. How does your app behave on older OS versions?

Rubric’s mobile test engineers can help you determine the most practical and efficient mobile testing strategy, then we’ll help you implement it.

Performance Assurance

Does your application deliver the performance and response expected by your customers? Will it scale to accommodate the business growth?

Rubric’s load testing services give you the confidence that your application can withstand the pressure of real world use. Utilising leading performance testing technologies such as: LoadRunner and Neoload.

Rubric’s expert performance engineers craft load testing scripts to meet your specific transaction requirements. Rubric’s performance engineer will execute these scripts against the application infrastructure ensuring that your application allows for flexible and expansive scaling, while also coordinating with your internal team. After the testing is completed, Rubric’s performance expert analyses the raw data and provides you with the most important and actionable insights that pinpoint performance bottlenecks.

Rubric’s expert performance engineers craft load testing scripts to meet your specific transaction requirements.

Security Testing

Your firewalls and physical security protect your network and infrastructure from cyber threats. Is your application secure?

Keeping customer information secure and private is a top priority for all companies. Unfortunately, new vulnerabilities are discovered every day and it’s nearly impossible to keep pace with them all. That’s why it’s critical to test your application security with seasoned security professionals. The security experts from Rubric will dig deep to uncover the issues that can cost you time, money and reputation.

Our security experts know software testing inside and out. They’ll help you ensure your application doesn’t fall victim to common vulnerabilities and take a deeper look to identify any weak points hackers can exploit. Whether you’re dealing with a mobile app, web app, API, or another platform, Rubric has specialists that fit your needs.

Agile Testing

Moving from the traditional Waterfall development approach to an Agile methodology is a complex and prolonged task and globally shown statistically to dramatically improve development outcomes – when transitioned correctly.

In short, Agile requires a depth of continuous collaboration between stakeholders – including managers, developers, testers, and customers – throughout the production process. This is not seen in a traditional Waterfall workflow. Testing becomes an essential component of each and every phase of the developmental process, with quality being “baked in” to a product at every stage of its development through constant feedback from everyone holding a vision of the final product.

When testing in an Agile way, the focus is to simply do whatever is necessary at any moment to satisfy a customer’s requests. Including ensuring documentation is robust yet minimised with face-to-face collaboration and replacing siloed functions with unified, self-organising project teams. In an Agile company culture, everyone is expected to work closely together, no matter his or her role, to achieve a single goal: a high-quality software product that fulfils all of the essential specifications a client or designer requires with each iteration. Software developers, testers, and quality-assurance personnel wear each other’s hats from time to time, and while there may be a select group of people running most of the tests, the notion of a separate testing team disappears entirely for many product teams.

Rubric understands the change required and the importance of change management from your quality-assurance team’s perspective. Let us assist you and your company’s culture to transition.