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Rubric: Delivering better and faster software!

Welcome to Rubric Consulting! We are a privately owned company established in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2007. As a decade-old company, we have managed to build an indispensable reputation in the software industry. Currently, we employ an excess of more than 180 professional software engineers who are all skilled individuals that can help you and your company grow. 

As a software consulting company, we work predominantly on servicing large corporate organizations in the communications, financial and logistic sectors. Our engineers are all familiar with quality checking the software delivery of various applications used in large, complex IT environments. If you want to get to know more about our company, please review the information below: 

Our vision: A better future for the use of software apps!

As your preferred partner in ensuring the quality of your software apps, we envision ourselves as the industry leader in helping assist various industries in reaching the highest quality software that would align with the objectives of your business. 

We plan on achieving our vision for our company by implementing continuous improvement and innovation to our quality assurance solutions through the efforts of our game-changing leaders as well as motivated and reliable advisors that we have right here in Rubric. 

Our mission: A passion for delivering the best

Here at Rubric, we have a mission to deliver a tailored software quality assurance solution based on your needs as our target clientele. We aim to do this without compromising the appropriate practices, technologies and processes that we use on our client base. 

Through these efforts, we can elevate the current application delivery effectiveness of your company’s software and create additional value for your company’s stakeholders. Here are some of the things that we do to ensure that we can accomplish our mission: 

  • We always do our best to attract, hire and retain the most talented, motivated and passionate individuals in our company. To achieve this, we always encourage personal development, contentious thinking and sound decision making. We value our employees and treat them as the foundation of our company.
  • We foster a culture of continuous growth and improvement in our company by challenging the norms and going against the current to discover better solutions to our client’s problems. We encourage our employees to experiment without fear. 
  • We implement metrics and measures that would help demonstrate the improvement of our client’s software application.
  • We understand and respect our clients, which allows us to focus on delivering tailored solutions to their software application problems.

Our people: Passionate and ready to serve! 

We believe that the foundation of our business is people. Our company prides itself on hiring, developing and retaining the best individuals in the software industry who have the enthusiasm and initiative to always look for the best solutions for our clients.