How To Use HP ALM / Quality Center (QC)

Course Overview

  • This hands-on course provides the tools you need to implement and utilise ALM/Quality Center
  • Students learn how to manage quality information throughout the development cycle, from constructing requirements to designing and executing tests and through to monitoring defects to deployment.
    Note: This course is based on the Enterprise edition of Quality Center

Course Objectives

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Create and manage test requirements
  • Understand Business models
  • Create releases and cycles
  • Analyse the risks associated with requirements
  • Create traceability between requirements, tests and defects
  • Organise subjects and tests in a test plan tree
  • Design and create tests
  • Apply parameters and modules to test designs
  • Use configurations
  • Create test sets
  • Execute manual and automated tests
  • Use HP Sprinter on manual tests
  • Record and track test execution results
  • Log and manage defects
  • Use version control to keep track of changes
  • Create and manage libraries
  • Create and compare baselines
  • Understand how to allocate Test resources
  • Import and export from Microsoft Excel
  • Generate reports and graphs using the Dashboard

Who Should Attend

  • Functional/Manual Testers
  • Test Automators
  • Upgrading from older to new versions


  • Working knowledge of Windows
  • Testing Experience
  • Fundamentals of Testing training

Duration: 2 days